Is Facial Hair a Growing Problem?

While few women like having facial hair, the fact of the matter is that darker, thicker facial hair does develop among women.  This is typically due to hormonal changes, and luckily is benign.  A lot of time when women spot a dark, thick hair on their chin and upper lip, they’ll pluck it only to find it’s grown back, and they’ll swear it’s thicker and darker than the time before.  After reading a blog post about this phenomenon, one that’s all too common, I thought I would talk with you about it.  

Hairs don’t get thicker and coarser because you’ve plucked them; that’s a myth that’s long been busted.  Rather, this is because these hairs are secondary sexual characteristic hairs, caused by hormonal changes, similar to mens’ facial hair.  They’re thicker and darker than your typical “peach fuzz” since they’re a different type of hair; it has nothing to do with tweezing them.  Most women develop these hairs on their chin, jaw line and upper lip.  They can appear at any age, but they’re particularly common after menopause.  They can also be due to hormonal changes stemming from everything from birth control pills to hormonal imbalances.  

That’s a little bit explaining where they come from, but that doesn’t say a lot about getting rid of them.  But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  The cheapest and quickest option is typically a simple tweezing, or maybe depilatory creams.  But they’ll still grow back.  If you want them removed permanently, then talk with your dermatologist about electrolysis or laser treatment.  There are also medications you can take.  

If you’re interested in a more permanent solution to unwanted facial hair and live in the Newport Beach area, then I’ll be more than happy to chat with you about it.  Reach out at 949-439-9288, and set up an appointment today!