Are You Making Acne-Prone Skin Worse?

hand-water-hand-in-hand-female-163762-largeAcne can be painful and oftentimes unsightly, getting in the way of pictures, special occasions, or even simple, everyday situations. As I’ve discussed previously, having acne can even cause emotional and psychological distress. Hence, it is not unusual for those affected by it or prone to it, to want to get it rid of it as soon as possible. However, some efforts to make your skin better could be making it worse, and it could even be as simple as how you wash your face.

Skin can get dirty. Each day our hands touch a number of things filled with bacteria which require constant washing as not to spread germs or attract any types of illnesses or infections. Your face, however, doesn’t come into contact with nearly as much dirt and grime as the hands, unless of course you’re literally working in dirt. Therefore you don’t need to wash it as often.

In fact, acne is not caused by dirt but by oil. So, while constantly washing the face, especially with harsh chemicals or cleansers will remove dirt, it may also cause an imbalance in which you skin feels it must overcompensate with oil to create balance. Our bodies are smart. The skin uses oil to protect itself and generates a natural amount to keep itself smooth and flexible. The more you remove it, the more it will create, which can counter your desired progress.

Another problem is using an astringent to get the same effect. Of course if you have an understanding of acne’s oil problem, the desire may be to counter it by removing that oil with products like witch hazel or alcohol. Yet, once again, the body is smart and will work to repair itself and provide what is missing, leading to more oily skin.

In this case, try cutting back and washing only in the morning and before you got to bed, to remove impurities that have accumulated throughout the day. If you’ve been washing too much, try cleaning your face just once a day. Things may not change immediately, but give your body time to recalibrate itself and gets used to providing your skin with the tools it needs to look its best.

Furthermore, recognize that the skin on the face is delicate and that you should be using face soap or even natural products, such as honey or oatmeal, for a gentle cleanse. Deep cleansers are not needed for day-to-day grooming. Lastly, don’t scrub the face. Simply massage your product of choice into the skin and rinse.